About Us

Stairway to the Sky is an organization designed to challenge students to reach their highest potential. With an emphasis on positive decision making and planning, a proactive stance is taken in presenting the need to eliminate destructive choices such as drug and alcohol and tobacco abuse. Founded in the fall of 2000, we continue to reach out and encourage people to pursue their dreams in a practical and hands on fashion. Planning, education, determination and taking personal responsibility for your future are cornerstones of our philosophy.

Stairway to the Sky programs can compliment existing school and community programs or serve as the primary source of drug and/or character education. We work with administrators, counselors, teachers and others at each site as we strive to adapt our program to meet the specific needs of each individual community or campus as best we can. Many of our board members are experienced teachers, counselors and school administrators. The combination of experience and success in the educational field within this group provides a solid base of resource and accountability. The collective experience of our board also greatly enhances our ability to work respectfully and effectively within the professional education environment.

STTS offers a multi dimensional program to educate and empower young people with possitive reasons to avoid destructive  decissions such as  the use of illicit drugs and underage consumption of alcohol. The centerpiece of this program is a high energy concert that has proven to be extremely effective in reaching students. Music, lights and special effects provide a unique and memorable delivery system for our message of hope and challenge.

Stairway to the Sky alone will not solve all of our substance abuse problems, but we are confident that through diligent work we will dramatically impact the situation and throw a lifeline to many struggling students who might otherwise be lost.
We are based in the beautiful Ozarks near Branson, Missouri.

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